The Brand NEW Legendary Monthly Income Horse Racing System

“…...Watch Me SLAM £872 Into YOUR Bank Account By This Time Next Month!……

I’ll Even Guarantee It!”

Do You Fancy a Tax-Free Income of £872 Each Month For Around 14 Minutes Work?……..and I’ll Even Give You a Lifetime Money Back Guarantee!


Let me just start off by letting you know that I have only sent this letter to you and a few others so I’m going to jump straight in and ask you a quick question:-

How do you fancy making guaranteed money every week for the rest of your life using a loophole I’ve found without any skill or luck involved whatsoever?………If your shouting “YES” at me then your gonna love what I have to show you. And before you ask……Yes, its 100% legal.

Now there's a good chance you might have heard about me or read some of the books I’ve written over the years, but this letter in your hands is quite simply the most valuable thing I’ve ever written, and if you only do one thing today……you need to read this letter.

You're one of a small handful I’ve handpicked to send this important letter to! - so, lets get cracking!

I created a devastating football forecasting system a few years ago that bookmakers are afraid of but can't stop because its 100% legal......

And recently, I’ve found a horse racing LOOPHOLE which now simply blows everything else I've done out of the water. It also gives me a very enviable standard of living. I do very well - I don't deny it.

I suppose it is true to say that I am without doubt the best and most successful horse racing forecasting expert in the UK today, and because of this, it's a sad fact that many companies and individuals do not want me passing on any sort of inner/secret information to you……WELL, I have some bad news for them…..

…………..And, Guess What I feel Like Doing Today?

Well, what if I told you that I had a method that could calculate the strongest CASH winning horse racing selections using my devastating horse racing forecasting system and staking plan that selects these winners for you!

These will be the exact same selections that I will be backing myself - EXACTLY!

Using the loophole I’ve recently come across provides you and me with the complete bets each day taking advantage of this loophole. You can of course back just one of the bets or back them all which is what I will be doing every day…….stay at home and do everything on the internet of phone if you like.

Theses powerful selections will be easy for you to find every morning and in plenty of time for you to place the bets before the racing begins -

I can and I will provide you with the system that forecasts all the winners to win YOU money. All you need to do is simply jump onto the internet or nip down to your local bookmakers to place your bets and collect YOUR winnings.

You will receive the exact same selections that I will be backing myself so you'll be enjoying the exact same cash winning days as me and don't forget, I make my living from these selections.

 Plus, I will also show you exactly how you can take advantage of the loophole I’ve discovered. Nothing is left out, everything is covered in a very simple and easy step-by-step manner.


This is easy…….very enjoyable………very quick and you can start with as little as a few pounds per week! Plus you make money, which has got to be good news!

I do have a remarkable amount of wins, week in week out - it doesn't stop!

Many of my clients who've bought my books have been writing to me for years asking me to do just this and pass on my winning selections, and to be honest I had thought about it many times, but because I’m so successful at winning money from companies like Betfair, William Hill and Ladbrokes etc…..I had my doubts about making my personal selections widely known every day because I know for a fact they would try and stop me.

So how could I do it?

……..The answer was obvious!…………


And you are one of those I’ve Hand-Picked to join my ‘Select Few’ that use this method that I have called "The Legendary Monthly Income System". This way the wins are spread around, which is perfect.

I have decided to offer this to you, but I don't want to mess about. If you are serious about winning money with me and I commit myself to giving you my secret winning ‘Legendary Monthly Income System’ information then I want a commitment from you.

I'd like you to promise me that you will stick with the Legendary Monthly Income systems selections for a period of time. If you are just wanting to try my system for 3 or 4 weeks and then drop out because you haven’t won £9000 or £12000 ……….then its best that you don't bother reading any further.

I only want people like you who will stand up and say, “count me in”. That's another reason I contacted you.

I operate this as a business and I don't expect to have massive wins every week.

I DO however expect to make £26,000 to £72,000 plus at the end of each year from it!

I have to win this sort of money. i have an expensive lifestyle that I am accustomed to. I buy a brand new car every year in cash and have about 12 luxury holidays. Also as you know there is always plenty of unexpected bills to pay.

Here's What Else I Will Send YOU ;-

As well as my Secret Legendary Monthly Income System, you will also receive a copy of a great staking plan to accompany the system that will boost your profits even more!

Everything you will ever need to know to win money using my information.

The only bets you should and will ever place

I’ll show you the loophole in horse racing I’ve found. you'll win thousands!

Plus, much, much more. Your getting a pile of stuff

Your Commitment To Me.

I want you to have faith in me and give me a fair chance to impress and win money for you, so I want you to commit yourself to my information for a minimum of 6 months…………That's all I ask.

My Commitment To You

In return for your faith and commitment to me, I promise to provide you each week with the best, most powerful winning selections from any system you have ever seen. Put simply……you’ll win money!

My winnings usually average in the region of between £2,100 up to £6000 each month. There's no reason why you cant expect exactly the same!

I think you will be literally blown away with the accuracy of the horse racing selections every day and you're going to be collecting cash winnings for yourself most weeks!

Many cash wins are on their way to you over the coming weeks and months…..I promise……I’ll make sure of that. And just think of what you could do with all that extra money. Spend it, save it, its up to you, because once you've collected your winnings, its your money to do with as you like!

Last year I bought my second - YES! - second villa in Spain for CASH!

(around 7 to 8 minutes walk from the beach……..gorgeous!)

All you need to do for this extra money is simply place the selections The legendary Monthly Income System gives you and then collect your winnings after the races have finished!…………As easy as Pie!

I really want you to take up this offer because I know you'll love it and regardless of what my accountant told me I must charge for my system , I have knocked the price right down for you in the hope that you start backing the same selections as me this week.

Obviously my accountant knows the value of my information, but I’m not going to charge you what he recommended, so whether he likes it or not, my special massively discounted price for you stands, which is less than you would spend on a few gallons of petrol each week or down at Burger King or maybe less than you spend on the lottery.

By the way, the system works all year round on Flat and National Hunt racing.

EXTRA FREE GIFTS:- Purchase my Legendary Monthly Income System within the next five days and I will throw in £197 of FREE systems that you can use and profit from for the rest of your life! Including……….

BONUS SYSTEM 1 - "Add an income stream instantly with this simple but powerful bet! A system new to the UK. This is a foolishly simple morning money maker currently making £30 -£100 a day for people as diverse as builders, nurses, doctors, cleaners, housewives. Very few punters realise they can do this - but they can!"

BONUS SYSTEM 2 - "I am slamming an extra £1,300 into my bank account every month using information and knowledge that the bookmakers have already done for me. This method works and I will share my secret with you!"

This extra free information you will get is worth a fortune to you, all you need to do is use it……….It's as simple as that. These free bonus methods are for you to keep forever. Even if you decide that the The legendary Monthly Income System is not for you!

Remember that my Legendary Monthly Income System is not the usual rubbish you see advertised by so called experts who really make their money from selling their systems…………This is real HARD CORE winning information that I want to share with you and has been fined tuned by one of Britain's most successful gamblers…………IT DONT GET ANY BETTER THAN THIS!

A few letters I’ve received from VERY Happy customers

"Really looking forward to another profitable season. The system just keeps producing winners."

"Unbelievable.....I won £339 on Saturday and it's all down to your system. CHEERS"

"Please let me know if you bring out anymore systems as good as this one. We had our first holiday in 3 years"

"Thank you for a wonderful Flat season. The winners are just as good over the Jumps!"

A Quick Reminder of Everything You're Going To Get

1. The Legendary Monthly Income System

2. Free staking plan to boost your profits even more

3. £197 worth of free bonus systems if you download your copy within the next 5 days

This is So Easy Your Going To Love It

With everything I’m going to be sending you, even if you've never placed a bet in your life before, you'll be an expert on the subject once you've read all of the materials your going to get. All you need is a few quid to get you started. Internet access would also be a help but its not essential.

Could my daily systems selections change your life

……..Well, you'll never know unless you try it, will you?

Just one other thing before I let you in on my "Legendary Monthly Income System" I must ask that you do not under any circumstances show or involve anyone else in any of the powerful information you will receive from me. I have chosen you to share this with not your mates. I make my money from winning money and I do not want to jeopardise this.

The method made £927.84 for a friend of mine recently and I will try my very best to do the same for you each week…………I promise.

Let me make this an amazing new year for you - Forget about worries, financial problems etc, leave everything in my capable hands and sit back and enjoy extra money.

Okay, its now up to you whether or not to take up my invitation. If you want to put this valuable invitation to you in the bin, then that's up to you and you'll save a few pounds at the same time. But with many cash wins guaranteed, you'll lose a fortune over the coming months, and that is guaranteed!


You will receive the very best possible horse racing system selections available anywhere

In the very unlikely event that you followed the system and have failed to make of profit by the end of the trial, simply show me that the selections cannot win you at least £872 every month.....and I will give you a full refund!!


This is my personal guarantee to you and constitutes a legal undertaking to you on my part.

I’m Looking Forward To Hearing From You

One or two of you will remember that when I first offered my Legendary Income System last year, I was literally snowed under with applications to purchase the method and many missed out, and this year I have massively improved everything. This year I have even fewer copies available because so many of those that were in last year have made it clear that they want in again this year with the new updated version!

So a large chunk of the few available copies are already spoken for! 

The best thing to do right now is hit the download button as soon as you can to guarantee your copy, because once these few remaining copies are taken, that’s it - they’ve gone.

If your payment arrives after all the copies are taken I will of course refund your money and ask you to re-apply at a later date if I decide to release anymore copies.

Make the decision and get in right now. Don't do it later because if your anything like me you’ll probably forget, so click on the download link below and let me get it to you as soon as possible.

I look forward to hearing from you shortly and welcoming you into my money winning system.

If you tried to get hold of this system last year and missed out on a copy, I’m sorry and I hope you get in this year.

All the best

Paul Coleman

PS. Let one of the UK’S best horse racing systems work for you and It will give you the right selections to win you a wad of tax-free money and a priceless skill

PPS. If you had placed just £50 on every selection the system gave in 2017, you would have made a clear profit of £8400 last year….£100 would have given you £1688 clear profit and even placing just £10 on each selection would have given you a nice little profit of £1680!!

Remember to claim your 2 FREE Bonus systems worth £197 you must download your copy within the next 5 days!!

Ok so come on let’s go!

Here, at last is a perfect opportunity to start to make a great deal of money for you and your family. This is not pie in the sky – I’ve done it and I’m now fortunate enough to be able to semi-retire – you can do it too.

Within 4 weeks you could have £872+ in winnings deposited in your betting account

To guarantee your participation, ORDER NOW before the moment passes and LET’S GET STARTED.

To receive your substantial Legendary Monthly Income Plan is very easy.

Simply click on the "DOWNLOAD" button below now:

 I've enlisted paypal who provide a safe and secure environment when you place your order.  

Please note that you do not have to have a paypal account or need to open one, you can simply pay using your credit / debit card. 

Click on the Download button above, then click the "Don't have a paypal account button" and you can pay using your credit/debit card.
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